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January 2nd, 2023.

10 Maximum Protective Styles You Can Rock in 2023.

10 Protective styles you can rock in 2023

Protective styles are a black girl’s best friend. It projects the black girl identity, while enabling us embrace and manage our curls. Check out the various hairstyles that you must rock in the year 2023: 

1. Two-strand twists

The two-strand twist is a popular hairstyle for afro hair and it’s easy to see why. It is a convenient style that helps to retain length, and minimize knots and tangles. The duration of this style is 2-4 weeks, however, to ensure manageability, apply leave-in conditioner frequently. The style is also versatile since it can be set in different ways to switch up your look. 

Curl Set

The curl set is a fashionable hairstyle that will pop your curls and leave you loving and embracing them even more. The duration for this hairstyle is 7-10 days (short).

3. Cornrows

Cornrows are a girl’s best friend. They are easy to make, and can be styled in different ways and methods. It could be the straight traditional cornrows, stitch cornrows, a cornrow bun, or side swept cornrows. You can add extensions if you want to, but the installation must not be tight. 

4. Feed in braids

Feed in braids, also known as knotless braids, are phenomenal indeed. It is more comfortable than the usual box braids since there is less tension at your scalp because braiders work with your natural hair rather than attaching extensions at the root. The knot-free style gives a seamless appearance, and also adds a touch of sleekness. It’s easy to see why the method has become so popular in recent years.

5. Pigtails

Simple, classy and pretty! This hairstyle is appropriate for women across all age groups. They are easy and very fast to make. However, they might not last as long as other protective styles like faux locs or feed in braids. They may last for a week or two, but it is worth every moment.  

6. Faux Locs

Faux locs may resemble authentic locs in appearance and feel, but they are not the same. While faux locs can be fashioned to last for 4 weeks, real locs are supposed to last a lifetime. Anyone searching for less of a long-term commitment may find faux locs to be a simpler style option. If synthetic hair is not your thing, you might choose goddess locs, which are faux locs produced from human hair. Their appearance is more natural.

7. Flat twists

Flat twist is a unique combination of two different protective styles: the two strand twists and cornrows. Just like cornrows, it can be styled differently. For example, a flat twist with a ponytail, a low bun, a deep side part or an updo. 

8. Fake twists

The fake twist hairstyle is fast gaining momentum. It gives the appearance of a two strand twist, but it is made in a completely different way. The hair is divided into sections, and a rubber thread is used to wrap the hair sections giving it a fuller appearance than the regular two strand twists. It is a chic hairdo and very versatile too.

9. Crochet extensions

Crochet extensions are another safe way to make braids or add extensions to the hair. It is a unique form of wearing extensions with little manipulation. It also gives the natural hair a blanket feel of being tucked in. They are versatile enough and can be worn straight, curly, braided, or twisted.

10. Up-do

An Up-do is a way to keep your hair up, literally, and out of your face. The styling method is also versatile and can complement any look you are going for.  

NOTE: The styles mentioned above are only truly protective depending on how they are installed and managed. 

Finally, these protective hairstyles are just a fraction of what protective styling encompasses. Protective styling begins from the moment we wash our hair, to the take down of the hairstyle we have kept in for a period of time. It is everything we need to do to prevent damage to the hair and scalp every step of the way.