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5 Myths About Afro Hair Loss

Are you dealing with hair loss or do you know someone who is? Tired of having no choice but to wear wigs or turbans? There are numerous myths about hair loss causes, treatments, and prevention out there, but it’s time to let science set the record straight.

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Why is my Afro Hair not Growing?

Like other hair types, Afro hair grows at roughly 6 inches per year. Your primary focus should be on how to retain length. This is determined by your hair care routine, product application, food consumption and understanding common problems that affect length retention and how to avoid them.

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Reasons to see a Trichologist.

Trichologists help people experiencing scalp and hair related issues such as hair loss, hair breakage, excessively oily or dry scalps, irritation etc. A Trichologist will work with you to create a personalised hair care routine to meet your specific hair goals and needs.

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