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June 10, 2023

5 Myths About Afro Hair Loss

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Are you dealing with hair loss or do you know someone who is? Tired of having no choice but to wear wigs and turbans? Or are you taking biotin, dieting and not seeing results? There are numerous myths about hair loss causes, treatments, and prevention out there, but it’s time to let science set the record straight.

Continue reading to see how we debunk these age-old hair loss beliefs and our curated recommended treatments that can help encourage thicker, healthier-looking hair.

Myth 1: Hair loss is irreversible. Fighting hair loss is fighting against the inevitable.

It is 2023! There are many innovative hair loss remedies available to us today. It is important to have a proper diagnosis to ascertain which of the many brackets of hair loss and hair loss causes yours falls into. When this is done, you will be able to consider all treatment options available starting from topicals to internals to minimally invasive and invasive.

Myth 2: Heat and Chemicals will cause permanent damage

Yes, we know that any form of heat has the ability to cause some level of damage to your hair and scalp however a COMBINATION of the right products, tools and technique is EVERYTHING. Hairdressing is an art and a science. Choose well trained hair professionals to handle your hair and scalp so that you are able to get your hair to its highest potential. If you are dealing with damage from heat and chemicals, we recommend that you come in for a malic acid treatment.

Myth 3: Hair breakage and hair thinning are the same thing

If you feel as though your hair is not as “full” as it used to be, it could stem from one of these two factors – breakage or thinning.

Thinning would mean that there is an issue going on within your follicle that is causing your hair strand to get thinner or to fall out. Breakage means that your hair strands are breaking off mid-way, causing your hair to feel fuller at the roots.

Knowing which one of these two factors is causing your hair to “lose weight” will go a long way in helping you to restore it. See a knowledgeable professional who can help you figure it out or try getting the silk strengthening treatment with us.

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Myth 4: Your hair loss cannot be genetic because both of your parents have full heads of hair

Hair loss can be inherited from either side of the family. Genetic inheritances can skip generations so it is not enough to look at your parents’ scalp and conclude that your issues are not genetic because they have full hairlines. We recommend getting a microscopic examination done. 

Myth 5: Hair loss only happens to adults after a certain age

Although it is true that hair could thin with age, there are various factors that can lead you to experiencing hair loss prematurely. Your diet and lifestyle are strong examples. Teens, pre-adults, and even kids are prone to hair loss due to these factors, so it is not always just a condition of ageing. However, for the woman whose hair is exhibiting signs of ageing, we recommend getting our niacin anti-aging treatment to combat hair loss, stress and ageing effect on your hair.

Hair loss myths are usually old tales handed down through generations. If you are concerned about hair loss, you should always seek the advice of a hair loss specialist for an accurate diagnosis and a customised hair loss treatment plan.

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